Tomahawk Boat Rentals

Northwoods Pontoon Boat Rentals

There are several options locally for renting pontoon boats, fishing boats, and jet skis in the area. We have plenty of dock space available for you to bring your own boat or rent one locally.

Nokomis Rentals - - They are located on our lake and have about 5 boats available for rental. The boats are good for cruising around the lake but aren't outfitted for tubing or waterskiing.

Bubba's Boats - - They are located in Eagle River but they will deliver the boat right to our dock. Their boats are much newer and fully outfitted for fishing and skiing and tubing. They also have jet skis and fishing boats too. Very nice boats!

Tomahawk Boat Rental - They have a few pontoon boats available and will deliver the boat to our lake for a small fee.