Lake Nokomis Info and Stats - Tomahawk WI

Located just north of Tomahawk WI, Lake Nokomis is a massive 2274 acre lake that spans into both Oneida and Lincoln Counties. The lake is part of a large 4,000+ acre flowage system that includes Bridge Lake, Deer Lake, and the Tomahawk River. It has a maximum depth of 33 feet and features a mostly sandy bottom. It is one of Northern WI most popular lakes, however, it experiences much less traffic than the comparable Minocqua and Eagle River chains. Much of the shoreline remains undeveloped providing a wilderness feel and relaxed vibe. Anglers fish for popular gamefish including Walleye, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Musky.  

The water quality in Lake Nokomis is very good due to the constant, but unnoticeable flow of water through the system. While there is no current present, water flows down the Tomahawk River and also pours in from the crystal clear Deer Lake. Visitors will notice a tea-like clear water due to Tannins, which are the by-products of the natural break down of decaying vegetation. The sand bottom lake creates the ultimate recreation playground as no-one likes to step in a mucky bottom. It also offers many opportunities to beach your boat, paddleboard, or kayak on the sandy shores and islands. 

Like with all flowage systems, the water levels of Lake Nokomis can fluctuate throughout the year. Water levels typically are higher during the beginning of the summer and will start the get lower as the season comes to a close. However heavy rains, droughts, and other conditions can impact water levels. For most of the season our lakefront features a sandy beach swim area, however, we have no control of the water levels of the lake and can not guarantee how much beach will be exposed during your stay. 

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